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infinite patience and compassion

It's funny how, lying in bed and being stared at by a cat, sometimes the cat's eyes look like the eyes in one of those old paintings of Jesus Christ, beholding you with what appears like infinite patience and compassion.

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Posted by: bzackey Sun Jul 21 18:21:37 2002

You aren't the first weirdo to experience a quasi-spiritual moment while dangling a catnip mouse in front of Muffin. Go to some crazy lady's website about Jesus, and you'll find a tribute to her fifty cats placed alongside her praise of the King of Kings. The connection between a cat's unblinking glare and religious ecstasy continues to escape me, but if your tabby is Jesus, then give me that old time religion.

Posted by: Evil Bastard http:// Mon Jul 22 00:08:56 2002

Andrew, what does your landlord think about having mystical cats roaming the flat!!!!!!

For shame!!!

Posted by: Graham Mon Jul 22 01:51:50 2002

It was probably just wondering when you were going to feed it.

Posted by: acb Mon Jul 22 14:34:51 2002

And yes, I am well aware that a domesticated predator is not an avatar of boundless mercy and compassion. I was just commenting on the odd impression I got (whilst abed with the flu).

And the cat's gone; he's staying somewhere else now.

Posted by: alex Mon Jul 22 15:57:24 2002

A religous moment involving cats. Goody Andrew is a WITCH!

Posted by: Ben http:// Tue Jul 23 15:38:26 2002

I want to know when acb became a Goody (short for Goodwife of course)!!!