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You are entering the Vita Severn Memorial Reclamation Zone

After the 11th of September, the much-scorned, unelected pretender to the throne George W. Bush became one of the most popular presidents in US history. Now, his astronomical popularity rating is taking a battering, in the wake of corporate fraud scandals. Time to invade Iraq or Cuba?

<PARANOIA> (Not that the powers behind the throne stand much chance of being ousted any time soon. With all the creepy Gestapo-like agencies being established to "fight terrorism", and being given sweeping powers exceeding those of Hoover's FBI, any political opponent or opposition movement could be shot down before they became a threat. Chances are, whoever seized power in the US will stay in power for the foreseeable future. Bush, however, could probably be ditched without much loss. They could even have him assassinated by "anarchists" to justify a clampdown on dissident groups, if it proves expedient.) </PARANOIA>

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Posted by: Graham Mon Jul 22 01:52:25 2002

Wasn't the plan to have George splattered and then have Jeb mop up the "symphathy" vote in 2004?

Posted by: acb Mon Jul 22 04:48:21 2002

Then they may have to do so soon, before the public realise what a scumbag he is. Do so too late and the best he gets is partial forgiveness. Do so at the right time, and rural America will be seeing George W. miracles alongside its Elvis miracles for years to come.

Posted by: Billy http:// Tue Jul 23 06:12:24 2002

I don't like how he never looks the camera in the eye.

Posted by: laura Tue Jul 23 10:47:46 2002

some of us already knew he was slime. but then, most of our politicians are owned by big business because of the money needed to run a campaign. found <a href="">a theory</a> explaining gw's flubs while speaking publicly. possible explanation of why he stares at a teleprompter rather than the camera

Posted by: acb Tue Jul 23 14:04:46 2002

A lot of people (virtually everyone outside the Bible Belt, anyway) knew he was slime; just that after 9/11, most people chose to forget it or keep their mouths shut. And repeated reinforcement of a consensus reality works wonders.