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Murder capital of the world

Is Adelaide the murder capital of the world, or does it just feel that way?

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Posted by: Reen Tue Jul 30 14:53:53 2002

You scared me for a moment. I'm glad to hear that D.C.'s murder capital crown is safe.

Posted by: GJW formerly Jimbob Tue Jul 30 23:52:16 2002

I think it just feels that way coz the murders all seem to be sick and bizarre, with an underlying current of outer-suburban insanity. Bodies in barrels in a bank vault. Bodies in shallow graves in a wheat field. Dissapearing children. There's just not much of the standard armed-holdup kind of murder.

Posted by: Mr eel Wed Jul 31 00:38:40 2002

I looked into this a little, after having someone tell me the same thing. The crime rate for murder in Adelaide is very low. Infact the rate of violent crime in general is very low. If you would believe, even lower than Canberra.

I apologise for not having the numbers on hand... It was amoungst some documentation from the Bureau of Statistics.

Posted by: Graham Wed Jul 31 14:40:53 2002

It's probably higher in Albury, though that's working off a smaller population base. Not quite so bizarre around here, though, just stabbings in front of nightclubs and bodies being found in truck stop car parks. All part of life's rich pageant.

Posted by: liclic http:// Thu Aug 1 16:29:00 2002

Adelaide definitely is the sick crime capital of Australia. Maybe the amphetamine capital, too. Definitely not the latte capital.

Posted by: acb Fri Aug 2 03:50:27 2002

Not to mention the zoo animal killing capital.

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