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Synthcart for Atari 2600

This looks doovy: One enterprising hacker has developed an Atari 2600-based musical instrument cartridge. The Synthcart has beats and arpeggiators, and can be operated without a TV. Wonder how long until we see Ataris take the stage next to circuit-bent Hello Kitty toys and GameBoys running NanoLoop. (via Slashdot)

There are 2 comments on "Synthcart for Atari 2600":

Posted by: walton lobot Thu Aug 8 00:25:33 2002

anyone doing this in melbourne? Id love to see one go.

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 8 05:18:21 2002

There was What Is Music? a while ago, and you occasionally get oddballs with custom kit showing up at the Empress on Tuesday nights, or at things like Make It Up Club.

If you go to Synaesthesia (in Block Arcade), the chap behind the counter should be able to point you in the right direction.

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