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Jeunet & Caro shorts

Film Festival: Today I saw Carnivalesque: The short films of Jeunet and Caro. They were fairly interesting, though mixed. Foutaises (aka "Things I Like, Things I Don't Like"), was probably my favourite, and featured Jeunet/Caro mainstay Dominique Pinon (he was the clones in TCoLC and the hero in Delicatessen) reciting a list of things his character liked/disliked, with quirky, Amélie-esque visuals. Le bunker de la dernière rafale was a longer piece from 1981, featuring shaven-headed soldiers in greatcoats in a retrofuturistic post-apocalyptic bunker. One could see where some of the inspirations for The City of Lost Children came from, though the film in general seemed a bit random. KO Kid was an early computer-animated piece showing two elastic-bodied boxers fighting to an oddly wooden breakbeat techno soundtrack. The animation seemed a bit stiff and unsatisfying; though perhaps it would have been more impressive in 1993. There was also another film, Pas de repose pour Billy Brakko, which looked interesting, though it didn't have subtitles and my French wasn't quite up to understanding the dialogue.

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