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The Culture War strikes again

The Culture War strikes again. Evidence has emerged that, in early 2001, the Bush administration held up a plan to attack Al-Qaeda, because it was believed tainted with the Godless liberal politics of the Clinton administration. It got lost in the political sanitisation of the US public service, and put on the backburner while attention was diverted to a missile defense plan, crackdowns on pornography and the War On Drugs.

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Posted by: bzackey Mon Aug 5 04:50:51 2002

Come on. Can you imagine the destruction if a North Korean missile filled with pot and copies of Hustler had hit the WTC? It would be chaos!

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 5 05:00:47 2002

Indeed it would be.

I wonder how much of the reluctance to attack Al-Qaeda stemmed from Bush's belief in the virtue of "faith-based" governance (he once acclaimed the Taliban to be allies in the War On Drugs), and suspicion that such zeal against Al-Qaeda could have been the result of Clinton's crypto-atheist agenda.

Posted by: Buster Hihmenn Mon Aug 5 20:01:40 2002

bzackey for supreme overlord!

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