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Ivy cover Cure, Go-Betweens

According to Angry Robot, US French-chick-fronted pop band Ivy's new record, due out in just over a month, will be entirely comprised of covers, including ony only The Go-Betweens' Streets of Your Town but also The Cure's Let's Go To Bed. The record will be titled Guestroom.

Ivy have apparently been dropped by Warner or Sony or whichever soulless behemoth had decided to refocus its declining revenues on cheaper-to-manufacture bubblegum pop and teen-angst skate-metal, and have been signed by an indieish label named Minty Fresh.

There are 3 comments on "Ivy cover Cure, Go-Betweens":

i think the deal with minty fresh may be a one-off thing for this covers album. they were on Atlantic a few years back, but their last album, Long Distance, was released by Nettwerk.

Posted by: acb Tue Aug 6 04:43:27 2002

Was it? Apartment Life was on Sony in Australia. (I managed to get the US release, which is probably good as I don't like giving money to scumbags like Sony Music) Is Nettwerk still independent?

Posted by: alex Tue Aug 6 05:56:59 2002

o/` o/` So fresh and so clean! o/` o/`

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