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Consciousness is a meat byproduct

Thought for the day: Consciousness is a meat byproduct.

There are 5 comments on "Consciousness is a meat byproduct":

Posted by: Reen Tue Aug 6 15:47:10 2002

You just sprained my head.

Posted by: bzackey Tue Aug 6 17:51:29 2002

Yeah! I always figured that's why vegetarians are so dumb.

Posted by: marxalot Wed Aug 7 12:26:22 2002

No bzackey, consciousness does not arise from the dead animals you have buried in your stomach. Well, in your case perhaps it does...

Posted by: acb Wed Aug 7 13:30:15 2002

Well, given that consciousness arises from physical phenomena in the brain and nervous system (which is comprised of meat), it can be said to be a meat byproduct. Unless you hold Cartesian dualism to be true, of course.

Posted by: alex Wed Aug 7 16:19:54 2002

i like steven king's idea that when we fart it's a 4th dimensional extra-terrestrial intersecting with our plane of existence. or something. *poot*

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