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Win32 API intrinsically, irreparably insecure

Research reveals that the MS Windows API is intrinsically insecure; any application can spoof window messages to any other application, regardless of permissions, bypass the feeble "security" present and pull off all sorts of exploits. In other words, typical Microsoft security. And furthermore, the flaw is fundamental to the API and is irreparable, short of changing the fundamental design of the Windows message queue mechanism and breaking every existing Win32 application. (via the Reg)

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Posted by: GJW Thu Aug 8 00:19:52 2002

Fuck me! That's crazy! As if a control should have the ability to WHAT EVER is in the messages sent to it! I was under the impression controls in windows were drawn and managed by the application, like in X - clicking on a button essentially told the application to run a sub-routine that would handle the input - if the input was bogus nothing would get done. What a stupid concept.

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 8 05:16:51 2002

No, they're not. Back in the days of trusted, homogeneous NetBIOS LANs, some clever designer at Microsoft decided to put "intelligence" into controls, because it seemed like an intelligent thing to do. And it does, in a world where security is not a concern.

Posted by: Graham Fri Aug 9 01:28:52 2002

On the upside, I gather it makes watertight DRM voodoo impossible to implement on Wintendo boxen...

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