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Much Ado about Something

Film festival: Tonight I saw a documentary titled Much Ado About Something; it was about theories that the plays and sonnets attributed to William Shakespeare were written by someone else (it mostly focussed on Christopher Marlowe, but also mentioned Francis Bacon). It presented both proponents of such theories and orthodox debunkers, and, in the balance, the question is still open to doubt. (For example, there is no evidence that Shakespeare had the degree of education required to write his plays; though this could be just as easily evidence of collaboration or partial plagiarism. The facts about the "death" of Marlowe also seemed a bit suspicious as they were presented there.)

Anyway, those in the US will apparently be able to catch this documentary on PBS soon.

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Posted by: walton Thu Aug 8 00:44:26 2002

Was there any mention of a Marlowe - Bacon Collaboration?

I have heard of such... of course, freemason buffs seem convinced Francis Bacon Rules The World From His Grave.

Posted by: Luke Thu Aug 8 03:20:41 2002

It's timely, in a way - there's a movie about Marlowe (with Jude Law as him? Can't remember) that's due out soonish...

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 8 05:19:22 2002

The director mentioned the Marlowe movie at the Q&A session. Apparently it has been in production for years, and there's still no sign of it coming out.

Posted by: Ben http:// Thu Aug 8 10:08:01 2002

Hmmm. Perhaps John Dee was responsible after all.

Posted by: Luke Thu Aug 8 13:16:54 2002

No, this is a new one. Last year or so.

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