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The seedy world of online crush sites

Salon looks at the seedy world of someone-has-a-crush-on-you sites; some of which operate as unethical marketing operations at best and spam email harvesters at worst, preying on the desperate and socially challenged. (via Techdirt)

There are 2 comments on "The seedy world of online crush sites":

Posted by: bzackey Thu Aug 8 20:23:07 2002

I never get any of the good spam, like "Mortal dance in machine ambulance" porn. Instead of being titillated by "Someone has a crush on you . . .," my manhood is regularly insulted by "Someone thinks your penis needs enlarging . . ."

Posted by: acb Fri Aug 9 16:49:29 2002

I don't get many "someone has a crush on you" emails either. I got one a few months back. And if I get them I don't respond to them, given that on the off-chance that it's not a scam, it could only be some deranged obsessive person of the sort it's best to avoid.

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