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Autism linked to "geek genes"

Autism linked to "geek genes". Dramatic increases in incidents of autism among children born in places like Silicon Valley and Cambridge, are evidence for the hypothesis that the skills associated with high-technology industries such as programming and engineering may be genetically related to autism:
Some doctors now think that workers who have the complex analytical skills needed to succeed in high-tech industry, and who are perhaps slightly awkward socially - the classic profile of the "computer geek" - may, while not fully autistic themselves, at least be carrying at least a few of the genes that contribute to it.

(I once heard it claimed that 70% of programmers/engineers/high-tech workers have Asperger's Syndrome. Then again, 86.7% of statistics are made up.)

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Posted by: Andy Gimblett Thu Aug 15 12:02:43 2002

The AQ test:

I got 18.

Posted by: So-called aspie.... http:// Wed Jun 16 08:57:21 2004

Asperger's Syndrome doesn't exist!

Posted by: toby http:// Thu Jun 17 03:14:17 2004


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