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Toho, owners of the Godzilla trademark, threaten the DaveZilla weblog with legal action for alleged trademark infringement. Not a very solid case, but some suspect their strategy is to score an easy victory to establish a precedent and go after things like Mozilla. Anyway, in the spirit of solidarity against legalistic thuggery, this blog is temporarily renamed to NullZilla.

There are 8 comments on "zilla!":

Posted by: mihaly http:// Wed Aug 14 17:17:28 2002

I really only wanted to comment that I cannot read your web page any longer. I understand that there has been some upgrade or advance in technology or software which is no longer supported by my browser.

Wasnt there some talk about "backwards compatibility" a few years ago? or has my system become so outdated that it is no longer worth providing compatibility for ?

Actually, isnt this the essence of the problem> that no matter how far tech advances, it is still bogged down by a few ancients? This is a serious and unavoidable difficulty.

Posted by: Andrew Wed Aug 14 23:00:53 2002

Mihaly : Download Opera It's only 3 Meg and (mostly) supports the latest technology and runs nicely on older computers.

I've been tempted to rename my blog to Koshra vs. Koshzilla or something but I'm already in hiding from Babylon 5 execs.

Posted by: Nullzilla Thu Aug 15 01:19:31 2002

Of course, Nullzilla is an episode of REBOOT, in which all the nulls combine to form a giant monster.

Posted by: Graham Thu Aug 15 01:39:05 2002

For Netscape 4.x browsers, there is no such thing as backwards compatibility.

Posted by: Reenhead Thu Aug 15 02:07:18 2002

Nullzilla! I laugh and I laugh. Thanks.

Posted by: Graham Thu Aug 15 09:19:20 2002

Oh hell, I stole the -zilla renaming idea from you, and then FmH pointed to me as if I thought it up myself... I feel a bit weird about that. I do like the revised blogroll tho'.

Posted by: Davezilla Thu Aug 15 11:15:22 2002

Thanks for supporting me! Check is in the mail.

Posted by: NullZilla-er http:// Mon Apr 25 15:22:14 2005

It's going to be extremely hard for Toho to sue for the name Dave "Zilla", since Zilla is a plant and can not be trademarked.

zilla \Zil"la\, n. (Bot.) A low, thorny, suffrutescent, crucifeous plant (Zilla myagroides) found in the deserts of Egypt. Its leaves are boiled in water, and eaten, by the Arabs.

Keep that in mind Dave if they serve you papers. Have your Lawyer clarify that Zilla is a plant.

I had a similar tussle with Microsoft on the word "Microsoftware". They said I couldn't use it, cause it had "Microsoft" in the name. Long and short of it, I won, they backed off. The name was Trademarked before the name Microsoft was... 2bad4bill

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