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Stencil bombing

An article on stencil bombing; the use of illicit spray-painting (with smoothly designed stencils) as an underground advertising tool; predominantly by trendy T-shirt labels in Prahran (you know, the ones that sell $80 T-shirts where the logo accounts for $79.50 of the price).
Tim Everist, who runs a Prahran-based T-shirt label called Schwipe, says "stencil bombing was effective and underground in the '90's, but then all the big companies started using this form of advertising".

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Posted by: melbourneterror Thu Aug 15 01:10:37 2002

Schwipe, and I presume, Mr Tim Everist, suck ass.. They are exactly the sort of "do it for money" "steal this idea" "make a million, baby" types that have ruined this city and caused the whole John So Crusade.

It was wankers like Everlast paying cool chicks to go and stick their stickers everywhere ruining it for everyone..

now i hear that they are having a major crackdown on street posters even... thanks to ryan adams et al....

a great melbourne grafitti site btw is

Posted by: Burgatron http:// Thu Aug 15 04:45:15 2002

exactly. A lot of us stencil/poster/sticker for fun - not for profit or advertisment. But the sydney scene is much smaller then Melbourne's. Where just not much of an arty place up here. There is an ally full of non comercial stnecil art in Melb, I think it is directly behind Missing Link records, just past all the trendy cafes and around hte corner near the dumpsters. It contains some really detailed and well done stencils.

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 15 04:50:47 2002

There was an article in today's Melbourne Times about the anticipated impact of a ban on posters on the live music scene. They say it will cut off the only means unknown bands have of advertising themselves and kill the scene, except for established bands owned by major recording companies with legitimate ad budgets.

I'm not sure it'll be quite that disastrous; there is the possibility of the web and/or some sort of SMS messaging grapevine taking the place of posters. And the street press is still around. I'd be more worried about yuppies moving in next to venues and complaining about the noise.

Posted by: Ben Thu Aug 15 06:22:49 2002

I'd say Everist deserved to be strangled, but hey, I've already done that once... As someone who's followed this issue closely, I'd say basically the advertising has killed it for everyone - while it was just art and politics, local councils could afford to ignore it. Once the likes of CUB (advertising their awful Guarana-laced G beer), Microsoft and so on got in on the act, something had to give.

Posted by: Everist http:// Sat Aug 17 02:55:42 2002

you people are fuckwits. read what i said and do not take it out of context. get some talent and use your fucking brain. if you have soimething to say to me, my phone num,ber is 0410 453 732.

Posted by: Burgatron http:// Sun Aug 18 14:57:09 2002

Maybe they didnt know Ketmin was for horses. Anyways nice shirts Tim, i've got a few of em.

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