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Buffy resigns

Buffy Stott-Despoja, the Democrats' brash, trendy leader, has resigned from the leadership, citing a loss of support from her party.

Former Democrats leader John Coulter has said that this could be the end of the Democrats, as the party are now "a rabble". Though the Democrats always seemed a bit that way, like a motley collection of mugwump centrists and student-politician types (i.e., Buffy) obsessed with isms and buzzwords, and various others ranging from lapsed Tories (i.e., Don Chipp) to Scandinavian-style socialists. The Greens, in my opinion, are a more solid and trustworthy choice for a third party.

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Posted by: Joli http:// Wed Aug 21 12:29:58 2002

I agree. There was always something vaguely off about N.S.D.

Posted by: Graham Wed Aug 21 12:58:33 2002

The Victorian election next year should be interesting, given the Greens' performance in some inner city seats, and the way that the Liberals have decided to do what their NSW counterparts did prior to the last election there and shoot themselves in the head.

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