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Search request round up

Yesterday's crop of search engine referrals to this blog was a mixed bag: "morrissey gay", autism blog (I may be somewhat introverted, but come on...), MIT blackjack team, quickzilla and three separate Slowdive- related requests. Not to mention the usual jumble of random words; what's up with that?

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Posted by: mark Thu Aug 22 02:30:29 2002

I seem to remember someone creating a script whereby you can search the SE of your choice with n random dictionary words (you choose "n", too).

Posted by: Maurice Fri Aug 23 01:58:27 2002

As the random words come from Altavista, I'm going to hazard a guess. Check your logs, and see if the user-agent is Webcollage. It's a Jamie Zawinski project which pumps evocative random terms into the return-more-results-than-any-other-engine-at-all-costs Altavista, and parses the resultant graphic files into (duh) a collage. tells ya what you need to know. (At first I found these odd, now I just filter 'em out.)

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