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Can you help me mister

I was walking past Manny's in Fitzroy today, and stopped in, finding that they had a few items on sale. Hence, I ended up buying a copy of Waldorf Attack, the VST analogue rhythm synthesizer plug-in. (Something I had been meaning to get my hands on for a while; though the fact that it was on sale sealed it.)

It's pretty doovy; one can make all sorts of sounds with it, from analogue drum sounds to the sorts of bizarre noises found only in German laptop electro and Warp CDs, and miscellaneous odd burblings, hisses and insane ring-modulated cacophonies. And the fact that one of the preset kits it comes with is comprised of video-game sound effects is encouraging.

I laughed out loud when I heard the start of the "Beat Box 3" sample song, though; there it was: a perfect knock-off of the Casio VL-1 "Rock 2" pattern (that's the one from Ninetynine's Wöekenender).

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Posted by: Graham Fri Aug 23 01:52:49 2002

I reckon the Beguine is the best pattern off the VL-1, just for the record...

Posted by: acb Fri Aug 23 03:19:29 2002

I borrowed a VL-1 a while back. I should probably get one for my kit at some stage, though the EBay prices on them have been extortionate. (Are recording labels giving huge advances to garage-indie bands or something?)

Posted by: Jimbob Sat Aug 24 02:03:10 2002

I've got a Casio PT-1 if anyone wants it :)

Posted by: mondenkind http:// Sat Apr 26 16:30:38 2003

attack rocks

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