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The Spiders

The latest webcomic from e-sheep, the creators of the excellent The Man Guy I Almost Was and Delta Thrives: The Spiders, set in an alternate universe where the dot-com golden age never ended, and a humanist west under an idealised Al Gore fights the Taliban with open-source robots, benevolent AIs and Ecstasy-laced marshmallow drops. It's a sort of cyberhumanist utopian war on terrorism, diametrically opposed to Bush's secret government and ideology of Biblical Fascism and "total information awareness".

It may not be particularly plausible (for one, I doubt that machine-man Gore would have possibly been anywhere near that cool), but it looks pretty doovy. (via 1.0)

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Posted by: gore-al of krypton http:// Fri Aug 23 00:41:02 2002

the <i>guy</i> i almost was, patrick farley is no mere man :)

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