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Photos from the Ninetynine show

Some photos from tonight's Ninetynine performance, courtesy of my new(ish) digital camera:

Ah yes; I've started working on a proper photo content system. Not quite up to Cos's level yet, but give it time...

(Note that the photo URLs will probably change from returning an image/jpeg to sending back a HTML page for the image in question.)

Update: the photo URLs have now been changed to point to images in the more recently uploaded photo gallery for this gig.

There are 2 comments on "Photos from the Ninetynine show":

Posted by: cos Mon Aug 26 01:09:57 2002

Proper ? Mine ?

I've been thinking of chucking it all in and going with something like BINS -

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 26 02:22:46 2002

Tempting, though I'll probably code my own. I suppose it's a DIY aesthetic of sorts; sort of like wearing Doc Martens with oddly-coloured laces or something. *shrug*

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