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Night Terrors, Ninetynine, La Scimmia, Grey Daturas

As the last entry suggested, I went to the RMIT film department stolen-gear fund-raising show at the Corner tonight; or at least to part of it. First up I saw part of The Night Terrors' set; they didn't have the trademark fluoro lights, but did do a set of their usual unrelenting onslaught of grinding bass guitar, buzzsaw synths and theremin, like some mutant gothic hot-rodders from hell. Or about as metal as you can get without being Metal (or using guitars), as the case may be. (Though the frontman could probably pass for a Scandinavian metalhead.) Ninetynine played a set with lots of energy, doing many old songs (starting with Wöekenender and ending with Polar Angle), and a few newer numbers (though the triptych they started their other shows with was there only in part). Then came La Scimmia, who played various brooding minor-key things (mostly instrumentals, apart from one anti-US rant at the start). The Grey Daturas then played a half-hour set consisting of sheets of guitar feedback, with drums kicking in in the middle. I left shortly after George W. Bush started playing as they seemed like fairly uninteresting pounding-drums-guitar-riffs-and-screaming hardcore punk.

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Posted by: Michael S. Mon Aug 26 01:45:08 2002

Still trying to see ninetynine. I was going to try last night but I wouldn't have been about to get there until late and they were listed first on the bill.

Do you know if Merida Sussex is singing anywhere at the moment? Or Hamish, from Condrazine?

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 26 02:12:04 2002

Ninetynine are next playing on October the 5th at the Corner. That's when they're launching their upcoming album. (After that, you could probably catch them in Tokyo or London or somewhere.)

As for Merida, I don't know, and wish I did. (Wasn't there a second Seaville album/EP a few years ago?)

Posted by: cos Mon Aug 26 05:52:57 2002

last time I saw Merida was when she showed up to sing a couple of tracks with the Underground Lovers for their 10-year (?) anniversary at I think.

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 26 06:41:20 2002

When was this? She appears on _Cold Feeling_.

Actually, I'm not even sure whether she's in Australia or the UK. (She's originally from Manchester.)

Posted by: jarrod Mon Aug 26 07:35:14 2002

seaville played a few shows in 2001 (or 2000 ?) just after the break up of paradise motel . i believe some people from the hungry ghosts where helping her too, otherwise i do not know.

Posted by: Graham Mon Aug 26 09:28:09 2002

And when the heck's the next UG album, for that matter? The Mallboy soundtrack was OK, I suppose, and VG had been busy with that film of course, but it's still been a while...

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