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Public Transport First!

Public Transport First!, a new group pushing for a less freeway-centric transport policy for Melbourne. They plan to run candidates in marginal seats, directing preferences to the Greens and against the most public transport-hostile party. Sounds good to me.

And then there's the PTUA. Of course, if these groups are too sane for you, you could always join the Transport Victoria Association, who are something like the SPK of public transport advocacy, and appear to be comprised entirely of the deranged people you see on buses.

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Posted by: richard http:// Mon Aug 26 04:44:19 2002

Be careful with some of these organisations. My source says they can sometimes get a little too focused on some issues, while missing other stuff (like the retirement of perfectly good trains).

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 26 07:00:48 2002

Possibly; the Hitachi trains may be worth keeping around, though they're uncomfortable on hot days and generally a bit grotty.

Still, anything which challenges the politicians' assumptions that public transport is irrelevant to most Australians, a welfare safety net for the carless poor, or an outdated socialist ideology that has no place in the 21st century (the Liberals' environment plans make no mention of it, instead talking about electric cars, and New Labor are also squeamish about such things) sounds good.

Posted by: gjw Mon Aug 26 07:11:09 2002

Somehow, political parties called "(Insert Issue Here) First!" piss me off. Public transport is vital, and it's an important issue, but...FIRST? come on. There's lots of things more important. Just to get all semantic on y'all. Don't even get me started on the group who call themselves "Employers First!"...

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 26 07:28:13 2002

Sort of like Earth First! perhaps? I wonder whether they'll get investigated as a terrorist group. I know that the founder of PT First, Liz Turner, is also frontperson of a hardcore punk band named Jihad Against America.

Posted by: GJW Mon Aug 26 07:43:29 2002

Well, as a Greenie, "Earth First!" sounds a bit more sensible to me than "Public Transport First!". Did you mean you're wondering if PT First will get investigated as a terrorist group? Because I can assure you Earth First! are already considered one.

Posted by: Graham Mon Aug 26 09:21:21 2002

It's the exclamation mark that arouses suspicion.

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 26 09:41:43 2002

Well, in any case, they have to be saner than the TVA. I'll bet that Liz doesn't rant and throw tantrums and threaten to resign/sue people at meetings. Or, indeed, propose building rail tunnels to Tasmania or having 4 zones because there are 4 limbs on the human body or something.

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