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Blackshirts again

Another (somewhat more detailed) article, this time in the Grauniad, about the Blackshirts, the adamantly non-racist, neo-fascist, extreme "men's movement". This time it goes beyond the scary uniforms and the this-is-not-a-swastika logos and actually gets these gents' opinions (which are, as one might expect, somewhat unhinged): (via Feorag)

The Blackshirts say that their only intention is to promote the sanctity of marriage, and they believe that to achieve this aim adultery should be punishable by death. Furthermore, they warn that if the law does not change they may resort to dragging adulterers from their homes and lynching them.
One Blackshirt, who gave his name only as Dominic, admitted that he had been refused custody of his daughter because of an unfavourable psychological report, but put the result down to bias in court.

Gee, I wonder why...

(It reminds me of the guy in the Bourke St. Mall with the signs about how The Simpsons and rock lyrics are full of Masonic codewords, who claimed that the Freemasons were trying to destroy him because he got in fights with the sons of Masons when he was a boy, and now whenever he gets a job, they deliberately set it up so that he gets in a fight and is dismissed.)

Mr Abbott claims that a fifth of Blackshirts are female and that a women's arm of the organisation is about to be established. But there were no women at yesterday's demonstration. "They do more the administrative work," he explained.

I'll bet they do...

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Posted by: Mark Wed May 7 18:30:09 2003

I think you sohuld look at your comment about these people a bit closer, first off why do fathers do what their doing. Well lets just say you Socialist types who think there is not a problem with the abuse of fathers and their children by government thugs and their slavery courts. You need to look closer at why you Socialist idiots seem to think parents children are for sale, read my home page and maybe you can to learn the truth, because if you don't who knows maybe it will be your kids next. Just something to think about, don't you think

Posted by: acb Thu May 8 06:51:48 2003

Thank you for your eloquent comments; they have been most enlightening.

Posted by: Ben Laden Fri May 9 06:44:13 2003

Not a bad website, although it takes a while to load due to the amount of data and graphics in the front page. The 'suicides' section is worth a look.