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I hate Bryan Adams

I'm Wayne Kerr, and if there's one thing I hate... it's Bryan Adams songs being played on PA systems at railway stations. There should be a law against ubiquitous performance of Bryan Adams in public places (perhaps under the Geneva Convention, if we're still signatories to that oh-so-September-10 piece of paper, that is). I was subjected to Everything I Do I Do It For You whilst waiting for the train home this evening. That braying, jeans-too-tight vocal, and that moose-mating-call guitar riff were still looping in my head when I got off the train. Not a pleasant experience.

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Posted by: Badger http:// Sat Aug 31 00:34:50 2002

I hear you. Bryan Adams should be shot on sight :)

Posted by: alex Sat Aug 31 01:38:52 2002

if it prevented you from defacing private property or loitering then it has served its purpose. why should they stop it? it's there to make train stations yoof-unfriendly, and, given your reaction, could probably be interpreted as a backward compliment! of course, this kind of 'solution' may be exactly what's causing such wanton acts of destruction as the ultimate 'moving violation' - the train set on fire between hampton and sandringham last night.

Posted by: Graham Sat Aug 31 02:16:32 2002

Come to think of it, Bryan Adams's probably better for warding off ersatz homeboys than playing classics like _The Ride Of The Valkyries_, which tends to encourage them to do things like invade Poland. Or set train carriages on fire.

Posted by: acb Sat Aug 31 14:13:56 2002

If I was representative of 'yoof' in musical tastes, I'd probably be more keen on going to Livid.

And they don't just play Bryan Adams; in between they have various Spice Girl-esque R&B-pop filler and such, which is probably not yoof repellent.

Posted by: sam http:// Sun Sep 1 12:38:41 2002

They even occasionally have some decent stuff. Well, by decent I mean Stevie Wonder, Brand New Heavies, and Jamiroquai (their more recent stuff - nobody seems to remember that they were around before "Travelling Without Moving"). They aren't all everybody's cup of tea; certainly better than Bryan Adams though.

Posted by: Graham Sun Sep 1 13:38:50 2002

Jamiroquai. Heh.

Posted by: alex Sun Sep 1 15:14:25 2002

download the quake remixes from (click above URL) for a nasty headfuq.[/blogjack]

"travelling without moving". Heh. x2

Posted by: acb Tue Sep 3 14:54:30 2002

And they keep playing that "Ineverreallylikedyouanyway" song; it's some kind of 90s grunge-styled alternapop, probably from the credits of Dawson's Creek or Friends or some similar shite, performed by either Alanis Morissette or some imitator thereof.

Posted by: Wayne Kerr Must Die http:// Tue Sep 23 22:01:24 2003


Quit lying, you faggot! You know you want to hump Bryan right in the pooper! Just like you hump your gay lovers!

Posted by: Wayne Kerr Must Die http:// Tue Sep 23 22:41:07 2003


Quit lying, you faggot! You know you want to hump Bryan right in the pooper! Just like you hump your gay lovers!

Posted by: Graham Wed Sep 24 01:09:06 2003

I'd rather shag a donkey.

Posted by: acb Wed Sep 24 02:16:38 2003

Wow, that was so insightful it just deserved to be posted twice.

Posted by: mark Wed Sep 24 02:32:49 2003

Hey hey! (That "I Never Really Loved You Anyway" was by the Corrs, an Irish family band. My brother recently went through a Corrs phase, which was rather interesting; especially when they started to cover R.E.M. and he refused to believe it...)

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