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Timetable Collectors

Want to inject some spice into your life? You could always join the Australian Association of Timetable Collectors. I hear their social functions are quite something.

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Posted by: mark Sun Sep 1 03:02:37 2002

I get a DNS error.

Posted by: GJW Sun Sep 1 04:22:04 2002

Dull Numbing Sensation? Not suprised.

Posted by: Ben Sun Sep 1 11:04:30 2002

I used to be a member of the Australasian Stationery Appreciation Society. Meetings were held on the fifth Thursday of every month according to an advertisement a certain wag placed in the old Australian Horror Society magazine. There were all sorts of strange and less than wholesome letters about different size printer papers and the various items members had stolen from their jobs as a result.