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Iraq invasion imminent?

As Bush and his toadies (Blair and Howard, to name two) push for war in Iraq, foreign ministers from the Arab League warn that it would severely destabilise the region; one likely outcome is the collapse of the pro-Western monarchy in Saudi Arabia. Mind you, former Blair cabinet member Mo Mowlam reckons that that may be the intention. Over and above putting Saddam in the supermax cell waiting for him since Bush Sr.'s days and getting a warm, fuzzy feeling, the plan may be precisely to give the tottering Saudi monarchy a push, justifying an invasion and a more secure pro-Western regime, based on direct control of Saudi oil assets with no uppity sheikhs spending your oil money on anti-US jihads.

Mind you, an invasion of Iraq could set off anti-Western hatred like we've never seen, at least not since the Crusades. And I doubt that even Ashcroft's ideal high-tech police state could protect America from the wave of terrorism that would arise then. (The Israelis have enough trouble doing that, and they have small borders and a highly militarised population.)

In short, we could soon be looking at World War 3 proper, in which there is no such thing as a noncombatant, and everybody is fair game; a war of spectacular genocide on a global scale.

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Posted by: Graham Fri Sep 6 00:23:56 2002

It would do to remember that these people are still pissed off about Alexander the Great.

Posted by: alex Fri Sep 6 15:26:55 2002


in other news, happy j3\/\/15h |\|3\/\/ y34r, h0|\/|13Z!

middle-east religious etiquette:

islam: 'salaam aleikum' judaism: 'shalom alechem'

kinda like the difference between C# and java.


Posted by: acb Fri Sep 6 15:40:32 2002

It's sort of like Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Funny how these things work; why, for example, we don't have protracted bloody vendettas between Presbyterians and Zoroastrians, or Buddhists and Satanists or something.

Posted by: Billy http:// Sat Sep 7 21:46:33 2002

I hope there is a world war 3.

Posted by: Graham Sun Sep 8 15:22:54 2002

well I don't. It wouldn't be as fun as it sounds.

Posted by: mark Mon Sep 9 08:37:09 2002

True. But just think of the stories we could tell our grandkids...

"Back in MY day, sonny jim, we respected our elders. People were made of tougher stuff. Why, I even survived a war in which Australia was more than just a peripheral part. Can you say you've done that? Eh? Eh? Well, okay, the Great Land-Grab of Antarctica. But apart from that... yeeesh, kids these days..."