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New York Mean Time

To commemorate the September 11 attacks and impress the might of America on all those who may seek to challenge it, a US radio talk show host has proposed moving the Prime Meridian to New York, and redrawing maps and calendars.
"I recommend that the Prime Meridian be moved to New York. Let's put it right down the middle of Ground Zero so all our enemies will know where our time begins. Instead of a polite English voice announcing the hour, we will use voices of the survivors of the terrorist attack. And every year, on the precise anniversary of the attack, we will stop time for a few minutes to honor the dead and force the whole world to mourn with us, whether they like it or not.

Which reads rather like Jonathan Swift combined with Ed Anger. (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: mark Fri Sep 6 12:07:50 2002

Who says talk-show hosts are stupid!


Posted by: mark Fri Sep 6 13:20:30 2002

*shuffles feet* *looks sheepish* Um, in future I'll read the article you link to before commenting. Yes, that would be best...