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Between the Spires

The Last Day (1) -- detail The Fitzroy-themed Between the Spires art exhibition, formerly at the Found Project Space (which has since been evicted to make place for a trendy clothing shop or yuppie lifestyle apartments) is now taking place at Dante's Upstairs Gallery, in Gertrude St. (It's above a café named Dante's). Why am I telling you this, dear reader? Because among the works in this exhibition are two of my photographs of the last day at the Punters Club. (Albeit not in their original 640x480 cheap-digital-camera glory; they have since been autotraced and processed into something a bit more interesting-looking, or at least a bit more amenable to being printed on large pieces of paper.)

Anyway, the exhibition opening is this Tuesday the 1st of October, at 6:30pm, at Dante's Upstairs Gallery, 156 Gertrude St., Fitzroy.

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Posted by: Ben http:// Mon Sep 30 13:59:17 2002

Cool. Unfortunately I am playing Middle Earth on Tuesday night, otherwise I would be there. I assume there will be free glasses of wine like every other art exhibition opening I've ever gatecrashed?

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