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the Icelandic music scene

An interesting Age article on Icelandic music, talking about Björk, Múm, Thule Records and a number of up-and-coming bands (including Cold, Trabant and The Funerals, who are country and not black metal), and speculating on why Iceland's so cool (apparently it's either the landscapes or the small and isolated nature that makes it one big friendly scene).

(The seems quite clueful; they don't lump that Sony rap-metal band in here either, for one.)

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Posted by: Graham Wed Oct 9 01:21:54 2002

Ah yeah, well I bought that compilation of Icelandic ambient music, so I really right up on it. Yeah. The first piece of fan mail I got for a song I put out (as a tracker mod) was from some mad Icelandic bloke.

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