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How to be bitter and broke by 30

How to be bitter and broke by 30: a musician's guide;
7. Embrace the hype 1 Do every single bit of media that you can. You need to be everywhere. Then people will buy your record. How about some car ads? They're good. Go on Burke's Backyard. Burke is sex. Real life example: Motorace
8. Rush back into the studio to record your second album Sure, you're tired from all that touring, media and all those video shoots. Yeah, you're only human and you need a break. And you haven't had a chance to write any new songs. But you've got to strike while the iron is hot - get back into the studio and deliver that follow-up album pronto. You can always write in the studio - that's a great idea. And if there are any problems we'll just get Tom Lord-Alge to mix it. Or maybe the Neptunes could produce the single? Real life example: Frente again

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Posted by: Ben Thu Oct 10 10:35:39 2002