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Dimitra, Simpatico

This evening I went to Good Morning Captain to see some bands; first up was a woman named Dimitra, who picked an electric guitar (and later electronic keyboard) and sang. She sounded uncannily like Merida Sussex, both in her voice and languid, breathy mode of delivery, and should be an artist to keep an eye on. Next up was Simpático, aka Jason Sweeney's vocal/guitar project. He played all new songs (well, newer than The Difference Between Alone And Lonely, anyway), strumming a guitar and singing in a half-falsetto. The Field Mice/C86 influence was quite noticeable.

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Posted by: jarrod http:// Sat Oct 12 14:38:42 2002

i thought dimitra was quite good aswell - she used to play in an awesome band called Silence is Golden i think. the venue itself was amazing, like someones loungeroom, reminded me of the town hall hotel/builders arms etc. i love all these little tiny venues as opposed to huge mammoth ones

Posted by: acb Sat Oct 12 15:51:50 2002

Heh; the GMC is pretty cool. Nice and intimate.

Btw, Heligoland are playing there tonight (Sunday). They're worth seeing, IMHO. (I suppose one could call them vaguely post-Slowdive.)