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Jimmy Carter, war criminal?

Is former US president and recent Nobel laureate Jimmy Carter a war criminal? Apparently his administration signed off on the massacre of pro-democracy protesters in South Korea, then a fiercely anti-communist military dictatorship. Of course, Henry Kissinger is also a Nobel laureate. (via

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Posted by: Ben Sun Oct 13 23:37:25 2002

Dunno about Jimmy Carter but Henry Kissinger is definitely a war criminal. Is that even controversial anymore?

Posted by: acb Mon Oct 14 02:40:24 2002

Except that he'll never face trial. When the US gets its permanent exemption from the ICC, I wonder whether it'll give Kissinger his amnesty and allow him to travel freely, or whether he'll still have to hide out in the USA.

Posted by: Ben Mon Oct 14 05:14:02 2002

He'll still have to hide out in the USA. Kissinger keeps getting in trouble with national, not international, courts.

Posted by: xuezhide zui hao Wed Nov 27 21:59:40 2002

Jimmy Carter is definitely a war criminal if his administration did that. However, it just shows how much more a united international working class struggle is needed to seize control of the means of production via a world socialist revolution. NO COMPROMISE can be allowed in this process with the ruling class parasites wo feed of the work done by the working class. Then, it will be possible to eliminate war, obscene wealth and poverty and environmental degradtion through the development of workers' control of the means of production to meet the needs of ordinary people not the obscene profits of a tiny minority. Once this is done, the crazy system called capitalism will become a distant memory.

Posted by: Graham Wed Nov 27 23:42:52 2002

You're taking the piss, right?

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