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Enterpreneurial Communism

Entrepreneurial Communism, or Nu Marxism as a consumer fetish object, with some authentically ugly-looking (though non-sweatshop-made) merchandise for the urban revolutionary. (via Cat and Girl)

There are 3 comments on "Enterpreneurial Communism":

Posted by: noxious Tue Oct 15 01:39:41 2002

ugly! what are you talking about, these are adorable communist wearables i'm peddling here!

and they aren't just sweatshop-free, it's a revolutionary new mode of production.

Posted by: acb Tue Oct 15 02:03:27 2002

Ugly can be an aesthetic choice too.

Posted by: noxious Tue Oct 15 19:28:06 2002

ugly is the most adorable aesthetic there is.

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