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UK gig listings

Daily gig listings for the UK. Hmmm; Ladytron and Fischerspooner are playing in November, though I don't think I'd bother seeing them unless they come down to Melbourne and play Revolver or something. Unfortunately, nothing about Spearmint, and Trembling Blue Stars are touring the US.

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Posted by: Ben Tue Oct 15 00:09:32 2002

Ninetynine in London:

Posted by: acb Tue Oct 15 01:36:05 2002

Heh; that pretty much goes without saying. :-)

Posted by: Graham Tue Oct 15 02:04:40 2002

So you're going to do the Australian punters crowd out the Australian band playing in London leading English reviewers to say narky things about Australians being a form of life lower than the Irish thing... Heh.

Posted by: acb Tue Oct 15 02:23:11 2002

Pretty much. :-)

I was hoping to see them in Reykjavik, as that would have been way cool, but it didn't come about. I'll have to settle for London and drag the friend I'm staying with along. (She's mostly into clubbing/techno, but liked both Björk and Prop, from which I extrapolate that she'd also get Ninetynine.)

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