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An article about synaesthesia, and in particular, the tendency to associate colours with letters. The article gives a table of letters and their colours; are they more or less universal, or specific to one particular case?

I suspect that synaesthesia isn't all that exotic, and most people experience mild forms of it. I for one remember associating letters with colours when I was younger, though the colours were different (A,E and M were red, B was green, C and G were orange-yellow, and H was either red or blue). Some years later, I developed the theory that the mapping came from a set of alphabet blocks I played with when I was an infant.

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Posted by: Lionfire Mon Oct 21 06:16:30 2002

Synaesthesia is very case-specific. If you're interested, you might like to have a read:

Posted by: laura Mon Oct 21 10:41:51 2002

Yes, I had blocks. But I also had these <a href="">magnetic letters</a>. I don't really associate letters with colors. But I DO associate music with colors. And sometimes smells. Oh, and tastes. I never realized I was doing this until my boyfriend pointed it out.

Posted by: diane http:// Mon Oct 21 19:01:15 2002

Here's another good synesthesia page:

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