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Shooting rampage at Monash

10 shot, 2 dead at Monash University; in the History department on the 6th floor of the Menzies building, to be precise. wtf?

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Posted by: David Golding Mon Oct 21 03:23:06 2002

Like you, I used to go to Monash. I'm currently unemployed so I've been hanging out there recently with friends and taking advantage of their facilities. I was driving through Clayton today when two ambulances raced past me and a police helicopter went overhead. I thought it must have been a particularly bad car crash. My parents rang a few minutes later because they'd heard about it on the radio. I've been ringing friends' mobiles and checking email. Thankfully, no one I know was involved.

Posted by: alex Mon Oct 21 14:21:19 2002

... because if there was, then it would be serious?

Channel 7 forgot to mask the face of the alleged suspect in their introduction to the late night news tonight, but they picked up on the gaffe in the report, and masked it with a chequered dimply blur thing. Oh Tivo Where Art Thou.

Maybe Victoria will do a Greece and ban videogames. Or maybe just one. But how can you ban a freely-downloadable mod?

After La Trobe and now this, are we going to get fortress-style higher education, with hired goons with metal detector wands at every entrance?

wtf indeed. That's 'What the F__?', for the uninitiated.

Posted by: Graham Mon Oct 21 14:38:39 2002

It's a copycat from the Maryland sniper, innit?

Posted by: Ben http:// Tue Oct 22 00:19:08 2002

Just last night when I was at the TVA meeting, I was handing out posters for people to put up in their nearest library, supermarket or institute of higher learning. One guy said he could put one up at Monash, then looked concerned so I said 'Just be careful to keep your head down!'.

It's clearly a psyop, there is so much doom and gloom in the media at the moment, I suspect the ALP is behind it (or maybe the Greens).

Posted by: Graham Tue Oct 22 01:19:50 2002

I don't think the Greens are devious enough, but you never know...

Posted by: alex Tue Oct 22 02:52:45 2002

Like I mentioned in the Green byelection victory ... "Why Settle For The Lesser Of Two Evils?"


Speaking of Psyop, what did the prominent psychiatrist murdered in SA //know//?

Posted by: gjw Tue Oct 22 08:03:16 2002

The rumour on the street (literally - i heard a guy walking past me say this to his mate) is that she was on a mission to try and reduce drug (both legal and illegal) use by mental patients and in mental institutions - thats the "challenging work" she was doing that the politicans keep going on about. The theory is, a drug baron was none too happy about the effect she might have on his income if she were to succeed, and so got her knocked off.

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