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Ninetynine/Lollies/Projects gig photos

As promised, here are a few photos from the Ninetynine gig at the Metro Club, a black-painted, mirror-lined cavern beneath Soho:

The first support band, The Projects:

A few photos of The Lollies (whose album, incidentally, rocks):

And a few of Ninetynine:
yes, that's Amy

There are 6 comments on "Ninetynine/Lollies/Projects gig photos":

Posted by: Ben Thu Oct 31 02:59:37 2002

Looks like Laura's been shopping.

Posted by: Graham Thu Oct 31 08:40:24 2002

Hmm, wanna do a gig review for RAN when you've got time?

Posted by: GJW Thu Oct 31 22:16:09 2002

Ooo is that a Fender Jazzmaster I see? Maximum respect.

Posted by: rachel Fri Nov 8 04:28:16 2002

yep, the lollies album does rock. no, i am not in the band.

Posted by: Graeme Wed Jan 22 01:10:51 2003

Woo look! There I am! If anyone is interested The Projects now have a website which is much flashier than my Jazzmaster:

Also, would you object if I used these photos online??

Posted by: Graeme Wed Jan 22 01:15:29 2003

or fender jaguar even... small details are easy to forget