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Inverness 2

I spent the day walking around Inverness and its environs, taking a stroll up and down the banks of the Ness. As I was walking around town, I thought that Inverness would be a great setting for a mystery story or thriller. As I was walking upstream, through the autumnal landscape, the river slowly flowing towards the Moray Firth around islands full of high trees, I realised why: because the landscape looks somewhat like the landscape of British Columbia, Canada, which (through films and television from the X Files to Insomnia) has become shorthand for that type of story.

I also stopped by at the whisky shop and picked up a bottle of something called Athol Brose, purely on the strength of the Cocteau Twins having titled a song after it. It's quite nice.

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Posted by: Ben Tue Nov 12 01:27:05 2002

Andrew, what sort of time zone are you in there? I was thinking about ringing you just now (12 noon) but i suspect it would be about 5 in the morning.

Do you have your regular mobile while you're there?

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