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I just got back to London, after five days spent up north in the land of whisky and Irn-Bru. It was fun.

Yesterday I caught the train down from Inverness, through the sweeping landscapes of central Scotland, to Glasgow, the city that gave us Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian and a lot of twee jangly-pop bands somewhat before my time. Within a few hours of arriving, I had made my way to The 13th Note, a local café and band venue, which seemed quite cool, and has bands on pretty much every night. (For the Melburnians reading this: the 13th Note would be somewhere between the Empress and the Tote, or perhaps like Revolver without the house music and vague miasma of wankerdom subtly permeating everything; it's a funky-yet-too-grungy-to-be-yuppified bar with vegan food, artworks on the walls and flyers everywhere else, and a subterranean cavern where the punters go to see bands make a lot of noise.)

(Aside: Glasgow seems to have a number of things in common with Melbourne. The rain, the grid-shaped street layout, the relative lack of spectacular monuments, and of course a vibrant live music scene. It doesn't have trams, though, and the closest thing to the notorious Rangers vs. Celtics sectarian rivalries that Melbourne would have would be the occasional Serbo-Croatian soccer riot or something.)

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Posted by: walton lobot Fri Nov 15 22:10:32 2002

ahh... no spectacular monuments? you are away from this fine city too long... we now have, gasp.. federation square. :)

It's funny that about Melbourne, maybe thats why it is nice... but, there really is nothing, just like a country town from The Land Of Giants or something, where the courthouse is well, just a HUGE courthouse.. But really, I think that is probably just the sad result of amazing Victorian and Gothic architecture being swallowed up by shonky seventies highrises.. You should live in Brisbane, they just bulldozed the whole thing in the seventies and put up fibro skyscrapers it seems.

Posted by: acb Sun Nov 17 14:48:49 2002

Melbourne has some nice architecture in places, but nothing to compare to, say, London or Edinburgh in sheer impressiveness.

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