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MIDI bagpipes!

Artefact seen in window of music shop in the Scottish Highlands:

Electronic bagpipe chanter with MIDI

It looks to be what amounts to an all-electronic set of bagpipes, i.e., a breath controller and synthesizer unit, which adds in user-adjustable drones. Apparently it's of German manufacture, has been around for some years, and is intended for people needing to quietly practice the bagpipes. Not surprisingly, the main market would be in the highlands.

Apparently, it does MIDI, and if you run it through an amp, it sounds quite realistic. Is anybody else wondering what it would sound like through some effects pedals?

There are 5 comments on "MIDI bagpipes!":

Posted by: Graham Thu Nov 14 13:48:59 2002

You know I'm thinking? The Flinders St piper does electroclash!

Posted by: gjw Fri Nov 15 00:04:57 2002

Mmmmm bagpipes are a great drone instrument, yes I can see much potential in this with a couple of delay pedals and a wah.

Posted by: m http:// Fri Nov 15 05:45:44 2002

wow, if Masonna had one of these ... !

Posted by: Scott Murray Thu Sep 18 23:29:58 2003

The degar pipes. I'm thinking of buying a degar, and am concerned that it won't fit in to the port on my sounds desk, which is used with my PA. Any one know?

Posted by: acb Fri Sep 19 06:05:31 2003

No idea, though I can't imagine it being a problem. Surely it'd have either a headphone socket or a line out, which, with the right cable, would serve your purpose.