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Britain vs. Australia (not the cricket)

Some observations from my recent trip to the UK:

Britishisms absent in Australia:

Australianisms absent in Britain:

Advantages London has over Melbourne:

Disadvantages London has to Melbourne:

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Posted by: gimbo Fri Nov 22 17:51:58 2002

Glad you had a good time Andrew... :-)

Re the plugs, I've only ever seen the lever-operated jobbies in hotels and the like, with the single exception of the flat I'm about to move out of. All the rest of my plug experience has been rubber plugs on (or, as often as not, not on) chains.

Also, don't know what you mean by Poker machines.... Do you mean what I'd call a fruit machine? (Like these: :-)

Posted by: Ben Sat Nov 23 01:08:24 2002

Glad to hear you're back. Drop me a line (or a visit) sometime, I'd like to hear first-hand reports about the old country.

Posted by: kef Sat Nov 23 03:06:05 2002

Re pantomimes - should be 'celebrity has beens from Australian soapies'.... Is the water worse than Brisbane? (It smells and tastes like chlorine there, less so in Melbourne, but I still have trouble drinking it neat).

Posted by: acb Sat Nov 23 03:22:18 2002

kef: Don't remember Brisb'harne. I once crashed there (in a fibro sharehouse rented by transhumanist warblogger Mitch and some philosophy students, if I recall correctly), but I can't remember the tapwater. Though the London tapwater feels a little too, umm, slick. Not sure about Australian soapie stars but I spotted an EastEnders star and Hale & Pace subjected to this ignominious fate.

Another thing I've noticed: the quality of light in England and Australia is quite different, to the point where you can identify Australian TV shows within one frame. Perhaps all those episodes of Hey Dad are a sort of folk cure for seasonal affective disorder over there?

Posted by: acb Sat Nov 23 03:23:56 2002

Gimbo: yes, I do mean fruit machines. And I did see the South Park-themed "Maygay" ones (there's one at the Black Horse in Soho, I believe). Though here, we call them poker machines or "pokies".

Posted by: richard Sat Nov 23 23:10:55 2002

Spot on with some of those observations (mmm, public transport - even if it does have to shut down sometimes because it's flooded - and then there's the yucky black phlegm you cough up if you spend more than hour down there ;). I have to point out one other huge difference - the cooperative protection of London smog and Northern Hemisphere ozone. Being a pasty white redhead and being able to walk around in broad daylight, without dodging from shadow to shadow, without a fear of being fried to a red crisp. That's something that sticks in my mind :)

Mind the Gap.

Posted by: acb Sun Nov 24 06:12:01 2002

Ah yes, the skin cancer/emphysema tradeoff.

Posted by: Luke Mon Nov 25 03:23:32 2002

They've already removed the bins from some city train stations in Sydney...

Posted by: Spencer Wed Jul 3 01:49:33 2013

You will be happy to know we can get the UK Cadbury Boost bars in Australia now.