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Bowlie, Helsinki, Kraftwerk

I'm half-wishing I was in London tomorrow night; because the Bowlie Nite Christmas special is on, and promises to be a lot of fun. Mind you, if I was, I'd miss the Architecture in Helsinki single launch on Friday night.

Meanwhile, it looks like Kraftwerk are doing a solo gig at the Metro in late January. Wonder how quickly tickets will disappear for that one.

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Posted by: richard Thu Dec 5 00:34:35 2002

As are Underworld, yay :)

Posted by: sam Thu Dec 5 04:52:27 2002

Excellent! Thankyou for that update. Now I don't have to go to the BDO. :-)

Posted by: jimcharmer http:// Fri Dec 6 16:10:58 2002

Well, you were missed at Bowlie Nite last night - nevertheless there was a 'festive feeling' in the air, complemented by free cookies, fairy cakes and crisps, and, in my case plenty Kirin to fill my non-hollow leg. There were numerous technical problems, but hopefully they all happened on one night, so we (or she) can look forward to hitch-free bowlieing from now on.

Additionally, a band called 'Finch' played what seemed to me (from the queue stretching down Chalk Farm Rd)to be a sell out show last night at the Electric Ballroom;has anyone heard of them? I obviously have'nt....but, I am older than most of their fans (about 14/15, I'd say)....I presume they're nu-metal / grunge, or sommat like that...

Maybe I'll play some Finch, when I dj at Bowlie Nite on Jan 2nd... Finch is a good name, although not as good as The Charm Offensive...... See ya

Posted by: acb Fri Dec 6 16:43:38 2002

Oh dear oh dear... sounds like it might fit in as well as the DJ sets at the Architecture In Helsinki gig. (I.e., booty R&B/rap played to a room of pale indie/twee types in Oxfam couture...)

I'm making a list of things of varying levels of appropriateness to get into my sets once I start DJing. After the usual rare grooves are odd covers (Ninetynine's version of Black Sabbath's _Iron Man_ comes to mind), things like Acid Brass (brass bands doing acid house), Commodore 64 chip tunes, and various odd MP3s I've found on my travels. Now to get two portable CD players, a mixer, and someone trusting enough to let me play.

Posted by: Graham Sat Dec 7 05:24:55 2002

Don't forget the Knight Rider theme.

Posted by: acb Sat Dec 7 13:32:58 2002

Wasn't there an electroclash/R&B version song of some sort sampling that a while ago?

Posted by: jimcharmer http:// Sat Dec 7 16:07:08 2002

1. Do you, or have you, had the (British originated)kid's show 'Rainbow' in Australia? 2. If not, have you heard of it? Aware of it?

I ask, because, following the theme, I've unearthed an 'Alternative' version of the Titles song (Paint the whole world with a Rainbow)'s made by those who originally made the 'Rainbow' Album ;Rod, Jane and Roger, in other words....(incidentally, Roger was later replaced by Freddie, and then went on to appear in the ill-fated soap 'Eldorado' -(and, even more incidentally, he's a friend of ours' Dad!!!))....ANYWAY, the song in question will be played, by me, at next Bowlie Nite..if I can burn it to CD in time.

Or if I can't get hold of any Finch....

Posted by: acb Mon Dec 9 12:31:45 2002

I have vague recollections of something resembling Rainbow. (I probably saw a glimpse of it when I was too old to appreciate it sincerely and too young to do so ironically.) Did it feature puppets that looked like a somewhat more rounded version of Muppets?

Posted by: Graham Mon Dec 9 13:22:37 2002

Well, we definitely got The Magic Roundabout.

Posted by: jimcharmer http:// Wed Dec 11 16:25:52 2002

yeh, i think that sounds about right...there were 3 puppets, one full height basically a bloke in a bear suit - named Bungle. Second was a pink hippo of dubious gender called George. Third was a ...well, who thing with a zip for a mouth...called Zippy, who was an obstreporous c**t at best...but the main reason to watch was the theme tune, which culminated in a drum break played with staggering violence on a floor tom...

very, very sad news re Stereolab...

Posted by: acb Wed Dec 11 16:55:13 2002

Zippy, Bungle and George sound familiar, as does the pink hippo. I believe Rainbow did show here some time ago.

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