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LotR swordsmith speaks

An interesting piece from a materials journal about the weapons and armour in the Lord of the Rings film, and how they were made. The attention to detail sounds nothing short of stupendous. (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: Graham Mon Dec 9 09:02:54 2002

I don't know whether you'll be bothered getting the FotR 4xDVD for FotR, by all reports the added bits makes up a lot of what the cinema releases lacked, though, again, shame about the dialogue. I'm certainly finding the extras fascinating, both for the filmcraft and the Tolkien geekery.

But anyway, there's a good bit where they go through all the feature weapons Weta made for the film, not to mention the poor suckers who made all the chain mail out of millions of plastic rings; highly repetitive work, but they looked as happy as pigs in mud.

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