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Repent, quit your job, slack off

Researchers in the Netherlands have isolated a new medical condition: leisure sickness. It afflicts about 3% of the population, who become ill if they stop working, commonly experiencing fatigue, muscular pains or nausea on weekends or flu-like symptoms during vacations.
"Relaxing can be very stressful for a lot of people. When they got off the treadmill of life their immune system collapses. Sometimes that is the only way they can relax. But leisure time can also be stressful because it means the day is unstructured, people have to re-establish relationships and spend time with their families."

Those most afflicted by this syndrome are those with a heavy workload or a high sense of responsibility. Another reason to repent, quit your job and slack off? (via FmH)

There are 2 comments on "Repent, quit your job, slack off":

Posted by: Reen Mon Dec 9 20:28:36 2002

Dude. I think I have that. Although my usual reaction to a lack of work is complete bewilderment. Followed by art projects.

Posted by: Andrew Mon Dec 9 21:23:57 2002

Did the study include whether those effected wanted to have time off? How sick and wrong to desperately want time off from a stressful job only to know you're going to get sick so you may as well keep breaking those rocks.

I usually get a cold in the holidays. I've always put it down to my body holding the cold back while it was stressed and when it finally relaxes it's able to begin fighting proper.