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RIP Mary Hansen

Mary Hansen, member of experimental ba-ba-ba ensemble Stereolab, died in a bicycle accident in London on Monday. She was 36. (via a bunch of people)

(Which shows (a) how absurd and fleeting life is, and/or (b) the brutally anti-human nature of car culture/speed-obsessed modern society. But, above all, is quite depressing.)

There are 4 comments on "RIP Mary Hansen":

Posted by: acb Wed Dec 11 23:18:53 2002

Or, (c) proof that Stereolab are the sorts of Darwin-damned weirdos who would do something as bizarre and self-destructive as riding a goddamn bicycle in traffic.

Posted by: Graham Thu Dec 12 00:36:16 2002

you mean like me?

Posted by: acb Thu Dec 12 03:44:12 2002

And me, every so often. (Remember, I don't own a car either.)

Posted by: alex Thu Dec 12 04:43:51 2002

those in need of a supportive 'la-la-la ba-ba-ba' fix could do worse than visiting the online illegal-art exhibit and listen to '03 People Like Us --Swinglargo (5:20)' ... waah.

(England’s People Like Us (a.k.a. Vicki Bennett) hasn’t been sued yet, perhaps because most of her source materials are obscure. Her work is almost 100% uncleared samples.)

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