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Eminem 1, Moby 0

Eminem fans bash Moby, put him in hospital. I'm no fan of Eminem, though given the shite Moby has been foisting on the public lately, you can argue that he had something coming to him.

There are 3 comments on "Eminem 1, Moby 0":

Posted by: Mario http:// Tue Dec 17 14:41:20 2002

Frankly. That's a cheap shot, dude. The guy got hurt and wound up at the hospital. Nothing justifies that, certainly not musical differences.

Shame on you!

Posted by: richard Wed Dec 18 00:21:00 2002

Here here. The guy's out there actually talking and meeting with fans (love to see Eminem try that without a fully security detail) and some fuckwits jump and kick the shit out of him. He might not be to your taste, but he doesn't deserve that kinda crap!

Posted by: Billy http:// Wed Dec 18 08:11:25 2002

Fuck a Moby. I wish they would have ass raped him.

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