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More Heavy Products

There seems to be a fresh crop of "THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT" stickers on the streets; they've been appearing on advertising billboards and street signs, just in time to replace the decaying remains of the old ones. Perhaps someone from the Cave Clan found another lot on a building site or something?

(Given how the THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT meme probably has more market penetration than all the T-shirt labels of Prahran put together, it's about time someone decided to exploit the phenomenon by founding a "Heavy Product Streetwear" line, making hooded tops, bike courier bags, big yellow shorts, &c. bearing the logo, and selling them to teenaged mooks and/or fashion victims at a ridiculous prices. All one'd need for that is a contract with a third-world sweatshop to make the damned things, and they probably advertise on the web by now.)

There are 3 comments on "More Heavy Products":

Posted by: burga Wed Jan 1 09:38:56 2003

hey that was my idea

/me goes of to get rich


Posted by: kenny http:// Thu Jan 2 16:04:45 2003 caution: concealed trap doors in operation! cut out and collect :D

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 2 17:53:44 2003

Ah yes. I picked up two Banksy booklets whilst in London. Good stuff.

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