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The strange, intensely paranoid world of Mafia, a former psychology experiment turned parlour game popular amongst writers and the like.
Here's how Mafia works: The party gathers in a room. Everyone is instructed to close his or her eyes, and three people are secretly selected to be in the "mafia" by the game leader, known as "God" or "the Mayor," whose job is to manage the action. No one knows who the mafia are except the mafia themselves, who are allowed to identify one another by opening their eyes. Later, when the whole groupcalled "the village"collectively opens its eyes, they are launched into the game: Through conversation, argument, questioning and accusation, a freewheeling group inquisition takes place to root out the mafia and kill them before the mafia kills the villagers.

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Posted by: Ed Wed Jan 1 19:22:13 2003

'Mafia'? Strange, it is a popular kids game over here, although we call it 'find the assassins'.

Posted by: LOCKHEED http:// Thu Jan 2 05:27:50 2003

The Mafia is becoming trite. Thanks HBO. But got change the topic for a sec. I just got ripped off by Nissen(makers of Cup o noodles). I bought a twin pack, and each cup is actually smaller than a single cup. Absof'nlutely absurd.

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 2 13:44:48 2003

If you want to change the topic and recount your bad noodle experiences, may I suggest setting up a blog or a LiveJournal page to do it in?

Posted by: Graham Thu Jan 2 13:58:47 2003

Yeah, but at least people will read it here.

Back to Mafia, I also recall playing something similar to this, in Scouts or school. "Parlour game amongst writers" indeed.

Posted by: alex Sat Jan 4 14:12:47 2003

I'm just wondering what playing this game with your local psychiatric outpatients group would be like. PS Lockheed is a tool of the industrial-military complex and should be kickbanned (^_^)

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