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Paradroid revisited

Yow! Not one, but two open-source remakes of the old Commodore 64 game Paradroid. Freedroid looks like the more, umm, interesting attempt, extending the game into a multi-player RPG. Now let's see someone do a remake of Wizball. (via the retro gaming issue of "Edge", which appears to be an English video-game mag.)

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Posted by: acb Tue Jan 7 13:50:32 2003

I just played it. The play in the classic version is quite similar to Paradroid as I remember it (since I ran it with VICE, that is). The heavy-handed Penguinhead subtext of the "new" game (Linux-based influence device against evil MS robots) is a bit much though,

Posted by: toby Wed Jan 8 01:56:54 2003

Paradroid '90 on the amiga was better. Andrew Braybrook was an amazing(ly bizarre) programmer.

Looks like it could be fun.

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