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Subliminals in baby toys

A Canadian American woman was feeding her baby when she noticed subliminal messages coming from a toy on the infant's crib. The Wal-Mart toy, which makes soothing sounds and music to fall asleep to, was also saying "I hate you", in a very quiet, childlike voice. The toys have since been removed from stores; where the message came from remains unknown. (via New World Disorder)

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Posted by: Cynical Biped Tue Jan 14 18:56:29 2003

NOT Canadian, or not necessarily, anyway - this story is from the Vancouver, Washington (USA) Columbian. Vancouver WA is on the southern border of Washington State, near Portland, Oregon, and is often confused with its bigger namesake. I happen to be in Vancouver WA as I type... but I had to find out about this story from Australia - nice work!

Posted by: Prentiss Riddle Wed Jan 15 00:02:43 2003

Has anybody tracked down a copy of the audio yet?

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