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On the wheels of polycarbonate

Your humble narrator will be DJing this Sunday at Pony, at the Heligoland gig. Expect a combination of shoegazing, laptop electronica, indie-pop and eclectic weirdness. The first DJ set starts about 8ish.

There are 3 comments on "On the wheels of polycarbonate":

Posted by: Graham Thu Jan 16 12:24:29 2003

Don't forget the Knight Rider theme! Err.

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 16 13:30:38 2003

No Knight Rider theme, and no bootleg Missy Elliot remixes either.

Posted by: alex http:// Sat Jan 18 01:20:34 2003

if you managed to d/l both cds of the conet project i'm sure you could have some fun with them. i only got the first cd -- yankee. hotel. foxtrot. etc

oh and the auf wiedersehn monty .sid is really kewl too (^_^)

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